The company EXPERT SERVICES offers you a full range of real estate services in Spain, covering all aspects of the transactions made by our customers.

You are guaranteed high quality service, full support of transactions for the purchase or lease of real estate on the Costa Blanca, an individual approach and solving problems of any complexity in the shortest possible time.

Our competence is

  • Preliminary advice on the purchase of real estate.
  • Organization of a study visit to Spain in order to select a property, the solution of organizational issues related to this trip.
  • Organization of study tours along the coast to select a property.
  • Expert support and legal advice on real estate transactions.
  • Independent assessment and selection of a property in both the primary and secondary markets.
  • Obtaining non-resident status, registration N.I.E. (alien identification number).
  • Assistance in opening accounts in Spanish banks with obtaining a full package of banking services, including obtaining plastic cards, ability to manage accounts via the Internet, etc.
  • Checking the legal purity of the property, receiving confirmation in the form of Nota Simple Informativa - an extract from the property register.
  • Making a contract to buy real estate.
  • Qualified advice on mortgage lending.
  • Assistance in obtaining a mortgage loan.
  • Registration of companies.
  • The property is rented (apartments, adjacent houses, villas).
  • Meeting at the airport. Hotel booking, car rental.


  • Contracting for electricity, water and gas.
  • Getting a residence permit in the municipality at a new place of residence (Empadronamiento).
  • Register with the SUMA tax department to pay property taxes and trash through a personal bank account.
  • Registration of an owner in a housing estate to pay current bills.
  • The organization of design work and repairs in the property, including the arrangement of the surrounding area.
  • Assistance in purchasing furniture, household appliances, etc.
  • Solving domestic issues.


  • Advising on all types of insurance and insurance programs on the Spanish market.
  • Conclusion of contracts for insurance: Health, Life, Transport (cars, motorcycles, yachts), Business, Construction, Pension and savings funds, Exchange investments (interest deposits).

Why Expert Services

  • a large private database of objects, implying the absence of additional costs for the intermediary;
  • selection of extremely liquid objects for work at a good price, taking into account the current economic situation;
  • many years of experience in real estate, absolute knowledge of work patterns and the availability of proven contacts;
  • transparent and clear working conditions with prior information on all stages and costs of the transaction;
  • thorough legal expertise, during which more than 30 positions are analyzed at all stages of the preparation of documents;
  • high-class professionals who strictly adhere to professional ethics and rules of human decency;
  • stability of positive customer recommendations, which in itself is an indicator of the level of service;
  • advising in the field of all types of insurance, contracting, maintenance and resolution of insurance issues;
  • professional post-maintenance, maintenance of the facility after purchase, real assistance in adapting the country.

Why liquid cant be cheap

  • it takes into account proximity to the sea, proximity to the city, infrastructure of the district, transport links, proximity to schools and colleges;
  • as important parameters are: view from the windows, sundial, slope of the plot, type of soil;
  • takes into account the state of the object, the total footage, ease of planning, ergonomics and engineering of the house, heating, sewage type;
  • the quality of cladding and building materials is taken into account, the cost of possible investments for repairs is determined;
  • analyzes many parameters to check the legal purity of the transaction and select absolutely clean options;
  • takes into account the nationality and nature of the sellers, affecting the quality of the contents of the object and the fulfillment of the terms of the transaction.

Realtor services in Spain from the company EXPERT SERVICES - we will always help you find a property for rent or for sale, taking into account all your requirements, wishes and financial capabilities.