Life insurance

 Departure from life is always a tragedy both emotionally and financially. Unfortunately, we can not do anything with the emotional loss, but we can minimize the financial with life insurance.

This service will guarantee that after the death of a family member, the rest will be paid a fixed amount of money set by the contract. Such support is very substantial, since after the death of a relative, the income of the family as a whole is inevitably reduced, and therefore it is necessary to revise and minimize current costs.

Our task is to assist and support in this difficult period, facilitating the repayment of loans, payment of taxes, the return of debts ...

What you need to know about the procedure for applying for life insurance in Spain. You can insure life for one of two programs:

  • individual
  • family

The latter provides a tangible discount.

When applying for insurance, the client can determine the type of insurance. It should be noted that in order to submit an application, medical examination may be necessary. An important point is also the determination of the degree of risk: it is necessary to answer the questions asked by the company as honestly as possible. Most of them are aimed at finding out the state of health, features of the profession, the presence or absence of sports, extreme and other hobbies. This information is necessary to properly assess the insured risk and calculate the cost of insurance.


One of the most reliable ways to save money is a savings fund with guaranteed life insurance. Ordinary (so-called, “risky”) life insurance in Spain does not involve a refund if the insured event has not occurred. By opening a savings fund, you will get the money back. Moreover, the conclusion of a long-term contract with the company will allow to increase the contribution at the expense of interest. Such a fund can become a truly reliable, sustainable platform for gaining stability and confidence in the future, because it works in two directions at once: the insurer provides financial protection against unforeseen situations, while the invested funds are accumulated and multiplied.

It is important that relatives can receive the amount prescribed in the contract until the end of its term of validity in the event of the sudden death of the insured family member. Indeed, against the background of such a sad incident, material losses can be simply devastating. Accumulation fund is designed to provide timely assistance to relatives.

The insurance company will support not only sad, but also joyful moments of life: contributions are offered in order to accumulate the funds necessary to celebrate a wedding, anniversary, expensive purchase or study.

With the help of a savings fund, you can make a luxurious gift of majority, leave a legacy to children and grandchildren.