Health insurance

 The Spanish health care system is recognized as one of the best and most modern in Europe. According to the WHO, it is in fourth place in the world rankings. The public health system is able to serve almost the entire population of the country. It is based on the principle of access to medical services for the entire population. Financing is made through the system of taxation and mutual payments. Today, 93.9% of residents are served free of charge. Moreover, they can receive medical care anywhere in the country. Hospital facilities provide emergency care to patients around the clock. In each administrative district of Spain, there is at least 1 public hospital equipped with modern equipment and having qualified staff. Doctors working in private clinics are also highly qualified.

Every employed person in Spain has a health insurance card. It allows you to receive the necessary assistance in health centers, which are located in all areas and are based on groups of general practitioners. In addition, in an emergency procedure, you can consult a doctor and the Department of the Red Cross.

The country has created many medical insurance companies that offer a variety of policies. Each of them cooperates with a number of institutions and private physicians and concludes contracts for medical care. If a person applies for help at a hospital that does not have an agreement with an insurance company, he pays for the treatment himself. Later, the company compensates for these costs in part or in full, depending on the terms of the contract.

However, with all the benefits of social health care, even with the alternative of this care, many prefer private health insurance, which allows them to get quality medical care in the best medical centers in the country and the world without delay and without waiting.

If you need to choose a doctor, decide on a serious intervention, invest in a health insurance policy in Spain, take into account the analytical information from the company Expert Services. The company is a representative of the insurance company Generali Seguros and maintains business relations with leading private medical institutions. As a result of a long study of the market, the company identified a list of those hospitals, hospitals and private practice doctors that can be trusted and worth dealing with.


You can get answers on Recommended Medical Care in one of 3 ways:

  • by phone: 902-201-420;
  • on www. GENERALI.ES → GUIAS MEDICAS → LOCALICE SU MEDICO MAS PROXIMO → specify the index or name of the settlement and the doctor’s specialization;

When applying for RMO in the institutions specified in the directory, you can not pay for medical services at the time of their receipt, and the deductible will not be taken into account when calculating. All the services you receive thanks to an individual plastic card.

Other specialists or clinics (not listed in the directory) can also provide medical care, and the health insurance you bought in Spain will compensate 80% of the cost of services (subject to the restrictions published in the table). The maximum annual amount paid by the client as a deductible will never exceed - 1500 €.


* The insured may be hospitalized only after a certain period of time has passed since the moment the insurance contract was entered into. This period depends on what kind of medical services the patient needs and amounts to:

  • 6 months if it is necessary to conduct operations to eliminate hernias, varicose veins, diseases of the urogenital system, adenoid, tonsils, as well as appendicitis and catheterization;
  • 3 months in other cases when surgery is necessary and hospitalization.

The exceptions are cases when surgical operations are necessary for patients who have suffered from accidents described in the contract, or when the disease is diagnosed after signing the documents. In case of accidents or the detection of a disease not mentioned in the previous paragraphs, the patient can receive medical care at any time after signing the insurance contract.

* The policyholder may receive outpatient treatment after the next period of time after signing the contract:

  • 6 months for the need for ambulatory surgery, high-tech diagnostic tests (catheterization, arthroscopy, laparoscopy, amniocentesis), as well as medical procedures lithotripsy, radiation therapy, cobalt therapy and chemotherapy;
  • 12 months if necessary to conduct preventive medical procedures.


Medical services related to pregnancy, childbirth and elimination of complications can be obtained 8 months after the conclusion of the insurance contract.

You can receive services under the “Baby Care” warranty only if the child was born 8 months after signing the insurance contract.

All the above limitations in time (except for those related to pregnancy) can be removed in case of transfer of family health insurance with similar conditions from another insurance company.

For new customers, age limits have been set - people under the age of 64 are accepted for service. In some cases, at the discretion of the company, it may be decided to sign a contract with a client aged from 65 to 70 years.

In Spain, private health insurance can cost from a few hundred to several thousand euros annually. However, this is the only way to fully take care of your health, which, as you know, cannot be bought for any money.