Vehicle insurance

According to Spanish law, cars, motorcycles, ships and aircraft are among the means of increased danger and are subject to compulsory insurance.

Most often in Spain, make out insurance for cars.


You can take out insurance only against damage caused to third parties (namely, it is mandatory and the most economical), or to protect yourself from other troubles (theft, fire, damage, complete destruction).

If desired, the car owner can insure against all possible risks. Then the insurance company indemnifies the damage regardless of who is responsible for the incident.

Full insurance can be with or without a deductible. The smaller the deductible (part of the repair costs paid by the Insured), the more expensive the insurance. The most expensive is full insurance against all risks - “seguro a todo riesgo” or “seguro completo”.


In the event of an emergency, both drivers fill out the forms of the European Accidents Act (mutual agreement of the accident version). Such a form, as well as a policy and a receipt for its payment, should always be with the Insured with you. By completing the acts, the parties indicate their data, information about cars and insurance policy numbers. The road accident scheme is also attached to the documentation. After signing the papers, both accident participants receive a copy, which they must submit to their insurance companies within 7 days. (Mostly, when one agent deals with all insurance matters, and in the event of insurance incidents, including accidents, when there are questions about the correctness of filling out the form, you can always consult in person or by phone to avoid annoying mistakes that can delay decision issue.)

The police are called only in contentious situations or when there are victims.

After receiving the accident reports, representatives of insurance companies contact each other.

A company representing the interests of its client sends its appraiser to ascertain the extent of damage and pays for the repair shop.

In the event that the car cannot be restored and the contract guarantees it is provided for, its full cost is paid, which is determined according to a special table, taking into account the model and year of manufacture.

Delivery of the damaged vehicle to the workshop, as well as passengers home, is carried out by the insurance company.

Insurance for a car in Spain is different, depending on what it includes, the cost of the car, driving experience, driver's age and non-accident history (bonification). The amount of the annual fee can vary from several hundred to several thousand euros. If the driver for several years before that did not get into an accident, he will be given a discount. If the accident occurred due to the policyholder’s fault, the cost of insurance may increase next year.