Agency EXPERT SERVICES is the exclusive professional working with the Russian-speaking population in Spain in the field of all types of insurance and insurance programs on the Spanish market. The company has many years of experience in insuring the health, life and property of customers, real estate construction projects in Spain and business.

Qualified company employees will help avoid material damage in a variety of situations. In this case, the amount of damages significantly exceeds insurance premiums.

Agency EXPERT SERVICES is a representative of one of the leading insurance companies in Europe and Spain - Generali Seguros. Taking over the rich experience of the company with almost 200 years of history, the agency staff will help protect their customers from unexpected expenses, serious risks and financial costs.

Today, the number of services of the official representative of the well-known in Spain company Generali Seguros includes insurance:

  • health
  • life
  • construction
  • transport: cars, motorcycles and yachts
  • business
  • exchange investments - interest deposits
  • pension and savings funds

In addition, an employee of the EXPERT SERVICES agency will talk about the features of the insurance programs existing in the Spanish market, list the most transparent insurance schemes in Spain.

In the process of interaction with the client, full confidentiality is maintained.

Why are we?

When contacting EXPERT SERVICES, each client is guaranteed:

  • excellence
  • service in Russian
  • responsiveness
  • individual approach
  • competent legal support
  • full privacy

Insurance Cost

The cost of insurance is based on the following factors:

  • real estate area (restoration works are estimated at a value of € 1,300 per sq. m.);
  • security measures: the presence of bars on the windows, armored doors, alarms, length of stay, etc.;
  • total value of the property;
  • warranty.

For example, insurance for a villa worth about € 300,000 with a property of € 15,000 without window bars, an armored door and an alarm system will cost from € 300 per year. By entrusting health and life insurance, construction, property, yachts and business in Spain to EXPERT SERVICES, you will find peace and confidence in the future.