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Уютный дом в престижном районе Кальпе
525000 € Selling

Cozy house in a prestigious area of Calpe (X 991)

Calpe, Distance to the sea: 1.2 km

Living area: 340 м2m2 1 3
Апартаменты с одной спальней рядом с морем
150000 € Selling

One bedroom apartment near the sea (P 805)

Benidorm, Distance to the sea: 300 meters

Living area: 75m2 1 1
Апартаменты с тремя спальнями в Алтее (Villa Gadea)
260000 € Selling
Living area: 130m2 1 3
Апартаменты с двумя спальнями в Алтее (Маскарат)
360000 € Selling

Two bedroom apartment in Altea (Mascarat) (P904)

Altea, Distance to the sea: 600 meters

Living area: 133m2 1 2
Апартаменты с большой террасой и садом
349000 € Selling

Apartment with a large terrace and garden (P903)

Villajoyosa, Distance to the sea: 100 meters

Living area: 110m2 1 2
Апартаменты с тремя спальнями в Бенидорме
250000 € Selling

Three bedroom apartment in Benidorm (P902)

Benidorm, Distance to the sea: 600 meters

Living area: 110m2 1 2
Смежный домик с видом на море
190000 € Selling

Semi-detached house with sea views (X 990)

Calpe, Distance to the sea: 2.0 km

Living area: 130m2 1 2
Продажа городских апартаментов в Бенидорме
129500 € Selling

Selling a city apartment, in Benidorm (P809)

Benidorm, Distance to the sea: 600 meters

Living area: 105m2 1 2
Смежный дом в Бенидорме
175000 € Selling

Semi-detached house in Benidorm (X802)

Benidorm, Distance to the sea: 2.0 km

Living area: 130m2 2 3
Просторная современная вилла с великолепным видом на море
548000 € Selling

Spacious modern Villa with stunning sea views (X804)

Calpe, Distance to the sea: 2.5 km and more

Living area: 415m2 3 3
Квартира в Кальпе с великолепным видом
525000 € Selling

Apartment in Calpe with great views (P806)

Calpe, Distance to the sea: The second line

Living area: 160m2 3 2
Пентхаус в Алтее с видом на море
367500 € Selling

Penthouse in Calpe with sea views (P804)

Altea, Distance to the sea: 300 meters

Living area: 163m2 3 2
Пентхаус в престижном районе Алтеи
630000 € Selling

Penthouse in the prestigious area of Altea (P803)

Altea, Distance to the sea: 300 meters

Living area: 175m2 3 3
Уютная квартира с одной спальней недалеко от моря
158000 € Selling

Cozy one bedroom apartment near the sea (P801)

Calpe, Distance to the sea: 400 meters

Living area: 50m2 1 1


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Albir (Albir)

- it is an ideal place for lovers of a relaxing holiday by the sea. The town is surrounded by citrus orchards and is famous for its pebble beaches.


Moraira (Moraira)

- the old fishing town, decorated with sand dunes, small bays and cliffs. Create a special microclimate here numerous pine trees and crystal clear sea water. The identity of the town has successfully preserved due to the strict control of new developments.


Benidorm (Benidorm)

- one of the most famous and largest resorts in Spain, has the title "tourist phenomenon" of Europe, a city of festivities with rousing music and merriment. The resort has everything your heart desires: from theme Park fun and Waterpark to Nightclubs.


Benissa (Benissa)

- one of the oldest towns on the Costa Blanca still remember the raids of the pirates, located at an altitude of 275 m above sea level.


Calpe (Calpe)

- this is a fast-growing modern resort with beautiful sandy beaches that meet all the requirements of the tourist business. In recent years you have built many objects of luxury housing and beautiful villas.


Javea (Javea)

- a small town in the South of Spain, in the province of Alicante, is one of the most beautiful places of Mediterranean coast.


Altea (Altea)

- it is a city of artists and art galleries. Here are exciting exhibitions and live concerts of classical music. The beaches here are mostly pebble, the pace of life is more moderate.


Villajoyosa (Villajoyosa)

- a former fishing village, which is now possible at the same time to feel the spirit of antiquity and the modern pace of life in an all-new areas immediately adjacent to Benidorm. A feature of the town is a historical tradition of painting the facades in bright colors.

Are you interested in buying property in Spain? Do you want to move to the Costa Blanca for permanent residence or just plan to come here to relax? Then it is reasonable to decide in advance both on the choice of the region for the future residence, and on the company that will be your assistant in the search for real estate and in processing the transaction.

In order to buy property in Spain correctly, according to your expectations, the specialists of EXPERT SERVICES will advise you on all issues and provide you with comprehensive information about all the features of buying real estate for living in the northern part of the Costa Blanca.

The range of services we offer includes:

  • study tours of the Costa Blanca for real estate selection,
  • expert support and legal support of the transaction,
  • independent valuations of real estate properties of the primary and secondary market,
  • advice on mortgage lending, assistance in obtaining mortgage,
  • drafting a purchase and sale agreement,
  • bank support for the purchase of real estate,
  • post-maintenance of acquired property.

The main task of EXPERT SERVICES is to help our clients find Spanish property in good areas, with a developed infrastructure, comfortable and at a price that the buyer can understand, find an individual approach to each client, listen carefully and understand all the requirements of our customers.

Why Expert Services

  • a large private database of objects, implying the absence of additional costs for the intermediary;
  • selection of extremely liquid objects for work at a good price, taking into account the current economic situation;
  • many years of experience in real estate, absolute knowledge of work patterns and the availability of proven contacts;
  • transparent and clear working conditions with prior information on all stages and costs of the transaction;
  • thorough legal expertise, during which more than 30 positions are analyzed at all stages of the preparation of documents;
  • high-class professionals who strictly adhere to professional ethics and rules of human decency;
  • stability of positive customer recommendations, which in itself is an indicator of the level of service;
  • advising in the field of all types of insurance, contracting, maintenance and resolution of insurance issues;
  • professional post-maintenance, maintenance of the facility after purchase, real assistance in adapting the country.

Why liquid cant be cheap

  • it takes into account proximity to the sea, proximity to the city, infrastructure of the district, transport links, proximity to schools and colleges;
  • as important parameters are: view from the windows, sundial, slope of the plot, type of soil;
  • takes into account the state of the object, the total footage, ease of planning, ergonomics and engineering of the house, heating, sewage type;
  • the quality of cladding and building materials is taken into account, the cost of possible investments for repairs is determined;
  • analyzes many parameters to check the legal purity of the transaction and select absolutely clean options;
  • takes into account the nationality and nature of the sellers, affecting the quality of the contents of the object and the fulfillment of the terms of the transaction.

Excellent European level service

At your service competent specialists in the legal, banking and insurance sphere. You can get acquainted with interesting offers and clarify the cost of real estate in Spain on our website or by phone. We offer our customers a high level of service in Russian.