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Costa Blanca "white coast" is the Golden middle of the Mediterranean. Developed infrastructure of the coastal zone allows the full sense of the quality of rest and stay here. Beautiful beaches' parks', medieval castles, restaurants with varied cuisine' cosy bars' shops in a variety of goods, Bank offices' excellent roads - all these components of modern Spain do real estate on the Costa Blanca one of the best among European countries.

What is property in Spain on the Costa Blanca Is a wonderful building with magnificent architecture, cozy apartments, built with high quality materials, this semi-detached house in a well-organized residential complexes. For a comfortable stay, according to their own priorities, with the help of specialists of EXPERT SERVICES You can pick up for a decent property on the basis of their financial capabilities and preferences.

Real estate services in Spain

High qualification of employees, compliance with rules of ethics and decency.


A clear resolution of all issues relating to adaptation in Spain.

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The Costa Blanca “White Coast” is the golden middle of the Mediterranean. The developed infrastructure of the coastal zone allows you to fully experience the quality of leisure and living here. Magnificent beaches, parks, medieval castles, restaurants with various cuisines, cozy bars, shops, bank offices, excellent roads - all these components of modern Spain make the Costa Blanca property one of the best among European countries.

What is real estate in Spain on the coast of Costa Blanca? These are beautiful houses with magnificent architecture, cozy apartments built with the use of high-quality building materials, these are adjacent houses in perfectly organized residential complexes. For a comfortable stay, guided by your own priorities, with the help of specialists from EXPERT SERVICES, you can choose for yourself a decent property based on your financial capabilities and preferences.

Property in Spain on the Costa Blanca

EXPERT SERVICES is your reliable partner for renting and selling real estate in Spain. We offer our clients an extensive database of liquid villas, penthouses, townhouses and land in the north of the Costa Blanca.

Property on the Costa Blanca is in demand because of the convenient location of settlements, the small distance between resort towns, a specific conglomerate of small resort towns, offering their infrastructure, but not creating the effect of a megapolis. You need a property in Spain for permanent residence or a seasonal holiday - with our help you will find the necessary option as soon as possible.

In the process of acquiring Spanish real estate with the help of EXPERT SERVICES specialists, you can be sure that the transaction was properly executed, as legal expertise is carried out for each object, and during the preparation of documents, experts analyze more than 30 positions. All operations for the purchase and lease of residential or commercial real estate are subject to full confidentiality.

Experts of the Spanish company EXPERT SERVICES:

  • advise on all issues relating to Spanish real estate;
  • organize a study tour along the coast to select an object;
  • will provide expert support and legal support for real estate transactions;
  • make an independent assessment of any object, both primary and secondary market;
  • explain all the possibilities of mortgage lending and assist in its acquisition;
  • help you open a personal account in any bank in Spain with the provision of a full package of services;
  • will provide professional assistance in drafting a contract when buying any real estate;
  • advise on all matters of Spanish insurance.

EXPERT SERVICES is also a representative of the insurance company Generali Seguros, a European insurance leader with almost 200 years of history. Agency employees are able to protect their clients from unforeseen expenses and help to avoid serious financial losses. Personal consultant EXPERT SERVICES will provide detailed information on any insurance programs that exist in the Spanish market.

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It is sufficient to apply on our website or by phone and You will be contacted by our experts. In the process of cooperation with us You will be satisfied with the professional communication and problem solving.